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We see ourselves as the best quality educators for the preschool children in terms of all disciplines in the nearing future. Read More


We, the guiding star, aim at bringing out the perfection in each child who would shine gloriously in terms of Discipline, Hard work, ... Read More


We the Preschoolers enforce on high quality education for your toddlers aged between 2 and 3 1/2 years. Read More

Our Programs

Our uniqueness is based on the uniqueness of your child. The curriculum is set by our experts uniquely to each child as per their developmental milestones. So each child will come out in a very special way with beautiful flying colors to cope up with the next forthcoming educational atmosphere.

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Areas of 8 intelligences

Startoddlers aim at bringing out the perfection in each child who would shine gloriously in terms of discipline, hard work, knowledge, and skills, as you ever dream of, in this competitive world. We mainly focus on 8 intelligences that are ultimate in today's world.
  • Linguistic To help the child speak clearly and in full sentences. To help the child tell/write his/her own name, address and telephone number. To give maximum exposure on vocabulary. To help him/her understand simple commands and communicate his/her thoughts and feelings adequately.
  • Logical-Mathematical To give the child an introduction to the new world of numbers. To help him understand the basic concepts of counting.
  • Spatial To help the child know the names for the main parts of the body. To help the child know various kinds of animals. To help the child know the names of many colors. To help the child know the names of the days of the week.
  • Kinesthestic To help the child remove his/her shoes and arrange it in the rack provided without disturbing the environment. To help the child feed him/herself. To help the child go to bathroom without assistance.
  • Musical To help him/her enjoy singing rhymes, songs etc., To help recognize musical patterns and tones easily. To help in remembering songs and melodies.
  • Interpersonal Conduct with others. To help the child know/say the names and relationships of everyone in the household. To identify/call his/her own classmates' names and recognize them easily.
  • Intrapersonal To help him/her at being aware of his/her own emotional states, feelings and motivations. To help him/her in being self smart in all the activities.
  • Naturalist To help him/her to be interested in nurturing and exploring the environment. To help him/her learn about other species.
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Why Choose Us?

  • Exploration

    The classrooms at Startoddlers are very organized and steeped with wonders that the child cannot stop exploring. “Freedom” is the word that comes here during exploration whereby “responsibility” automatically finds it roots. The ground rule of Montessori is followed. We believe in the orderly way of exploring things and we set the rule to follow the order, which will not be a burden to the child but will be a “self-realization’.

  • “Critical thinking” is one of the important ways to make the child reason better. It helps them to reason out to conclude than burst out emotions. The critical thinking exercises for kids are real fun and helps in deepening the thinking process. Startoddlers will take care of the child’s way of critical thinking by giving enormous activities. Logic gets its root from the right beginning than later!

  • “Hard work” is not the term right now…Its “smart work” that we focus upon. We help each child to take up a work and complete it smartly. Only through thorough understanding of one concept can the child work smart. And this is the ultimate area that we work upon through “The Montessori method” we make the child explore things right, think right and behave right. We believe that “Today’s smart work will be their tomorrows success”.

  • Our “Arts and crafts” section gives a wide opportunity for the kids to be creative. It enhances the understanding and make them feel they are self-equipped. We cultivate confidence by providing various exposure to ‘creative work’ and allow them to grow with real talents.Not only arts but by all means ‘creative work’ is encouraged to each individual.


We give special and the utmost care to each child in terms of comfortable staying, security, playing, learning, exploring, and having fun and also in nurturing their innocence. We have trained people to care for your child in the areas of health, growth and development. Our teachers/researchers will guide your kids to acquire knowledge through all possible environments and to improve/update the skills he/she possess for their tomorrow’s success. Our care takers will guide your child to help him/herself in all possible ways.

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