About Us

Star Toddlers
Montessori Method
The highest-quality, best and appropriate place to stay, play, learn, explore and have fun is “StarToddlers” .
  • the innocence of the child is nurtured,
  • the uniqueness of the child is analysed, the child is listened to,
  • the child explores and learns with freedom ( with discipline as boundary ),
  • the child is taken great care of, the child grows healthy physically and mentally,
  • the child gets maximum fun and excitement,
  • the child learns to behave well...

Our Features


To render service in the areas of Toddlers ability and efficiency and to prepare the child by today’s smart work for tomorrows success.


We see ourselves as the best quality educators for the preschool children in terms of all disciplines in the nearing future.


We, the guiding star, aim at bringing out the perfection in each child who would shine gloriously in terms of Discipline, Hard work, Knowledge, and Skills, as you ever dream of, in this competitive world by providing High quality practical education and allowing them to explore and learn through fun at their own pace.


We the Preschoolers enforce on high quality education for your toddlers aged between 2 and 3 1/2 years.

The Place

This is ‘The’ place for your kids to grow in knowledge, talent, and extraordinary skills. Our school is situated in a high residential area giving a pleasant, hygienic and “The Feel at Home” atmosphere. The place is designed so very special for your kids to give him/her the maximum exposure towards practical knowledge and to Stay, Play, Explore, Learn and have more Fun.
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