Montessori Reggio Emilia

We have a well-defined, structured curriculum which is designed solely for the child.

We use the combinatorial approach of “The Montessori” and “The Reggio Emilia” method of education.

We believe in the essence driven from these approaches for a safer intellectual and behavioural development of each child.

8 intelligences


To help the child speak clearly and in full sentences. To help the child tell/write his/her own name, address and telephone number. To give maximum exposure on vocabulary. To help him/her understand simple commands and communicate his/her thoughts and feelings adequately.


To give the child an introduction to the new world of numbers. To help him understand the basic concepts of counting.


To help the child know the names for the main parts of the body. To help the child know various kinds of animals. To help the child know the names of many colors. To help the child know the names of the days of the week.


To help the child remove his/her shoes and arrange it in the rack provided without disturbing the environment. To help the child feed him/herself. To help the child go to bathroom without assistance.


To help him/her enjoy singing rhymes, songs etc., To help recognize musical patterns and tones easily. To help in remembering songs and melodies.


Conduct with others. To help the child know/say the names and relationships of everyone in the household. To identify/call his/her own classmates' names and recognize them easily.


To help him/her at being aware of his/her own emotional states, feelings and motivations. To help him/her in being self smart in all the activities.


To help him/her to be interested in nurturing and exploring the environment. To help him/her learn about other species.